Our school’s mission is to offer an advertising course that’s affordable and more accessible to creative people who wouldn’t normally consider an advertising career.
Offering marketing departments a new wave of creatives from all walks of life with different perspectives and diverse ideas.

Ideas Can Come From Anywhere

*not actual picture of school. (Hey, it's advertising)

The Course.

It is an intensive, and collaborative 12 lesson, once a week course that is designed to build students a portfolio of ad concepts ranging from TV, print, radio, social and digital, that they can then use when interviewing for a job in an advertising agency.
Next semester starts mid June 2024.

WSAS Online.

Due to the success of our in-person school and numerous enquiries from prospective students, we will now be offering an online course.

To find out more please get in touch by using the contact form and we will get back to you immediately.

The next semester will start when we have enough students. There is no set date.

The fees will be just $1200 including GST.

What happens in the classroom?

Each week the tutorials will be held in our luxurious meeting rooms in Parramatta. You’ll be given a new brief each week to work on and there are 10 briefs in all.
The last 2 weeks of the course are for refining your portfolio ready
for any prospective interviews.
The tutors critique the work with you in a collaborative and respectful atmosphere.
The tutorials start at 6pm and finish at 9pm.
Do great ads and have a laugh.

The Curriculum.

Brief 1.  Posters. Ideas can come from anywhere.
Brief 2. Print. Insights before ideas.
Brief 3. Radio. Think Visually.
Brief 4. TV. No one’s watching.
Brief 5. Digital. Technology isn’t an idea.
Brief 6. PR. You earned it.
Brief 7. Ambient/Experiential. Stopping people in their tracks.
Brief 8. Digital/Social. It’s not all about likes.
Brief 9. Integrated. What’s the big idea?
Brief 10. Strategy. Don't talk to strangers.


The course will also include a range of hourly lectures  from a leading expert or creative in TV, photography, digital, social advertising, strategy planning, outdoor and integrated media.
Allowing our students to learn their craft from the best.

Friends and Collaborators.

We Collective

Find out more.