We must be doing something right.

Attending Western Sydney advertising school was an excellent opportunity. Rocky was a great help being knowledgeable, approachable and also responsive to any emails/work sent through to him. As someone coming from a different industry, I would highly recommend the course to anyone looking to enter the copy writing field regardless of prior qualifications.


Summer 2024

WSAS was and still is the best course I’ve done, and this is coming from someone that went through 3 years of uni… Not only are the teachers super experienced they’re also massive legends. No prerequisites, no strings attached – it’s the same structure as AWARD school (without the prestige). I encourage anyone and everyone who’s keen on exploring a creative pathway to give this course a go, Walked away with priceless experience.


Jan 2022

"You guys must be doing something right. Albert was not only a great intern, he was also a huge help to the agency when he worked with us at BWM Isobar. Amazing job, Rocky and Matt!"

Marcus Tesoriero.

ECD BWM/Isobar.

"Encouraging a diverse pipeline of people into the industry is really important for Creativity, for better administration, for many reasons. The boys are doing a great service to the industry and we’re more than happy to do our bit for them and the students."

Kirsty Muddle.

Founding Partner Cummins & Partners.

"When I heard that Rocky was training people in the Western Suburbs to be advertising creatives, I was interested. I had a cunning theory that if Rocky is doing the teaching, then by the time his students graduate, they should in theory have at least some of what I didn't have when he didn't hire me. So I hired the top graduate of the inaugural class of WSAS and my theory was validated."

Simon Lee.

ECD The Hallway.

“When I was first trying to get my first job in creative, FBI Recruitment gave me Matt’s details and encouraged me to contact him. So I did. I was 23 and living in Newcastle, so I got the train down to Sydney for the meeting. I showed him a bunch of (pretty average) ideas I had drawn up. He was super nice & encouraging and reassured me that my ideas weren't completely terrible. So, thank you Matt. It probably was nothing to you at the time. But, as someone with zero experience, it meant a lot to me.”

Tim Chenery.

Creative Director. Bashful Advertising.

“Rocky molded me from a kid from regional Queensland into a kid from regional Queensland who could write an ad. His lessons as a mentor and teacher have been an invaluable foundational building block in my 10+ year career as an Advertising Creative. Despite the ever changing face of our industry, I still draw on that same advice he gave in my formative years at BWM.”

Matt Ennis.

Creative Director. Host/Havas

“Back in the good old days, I had the pleasure of having Rocky as my AWARD School tutor. He was an excellent mentor, insightful and inspiring. Rocky cut to the heart of the creative ideas without bruising our tender young egos. Always a legend.”

Kylie Suttor.

Creative Director. The Pure Agency.

“Rocky is a legend of advertising in Australia. His wealth of experience has always astounded me… with so few original ideas left , Rocky generated many great campaigns. Thank you Rocky… your positive, humorous, easy-going attitude inspired many including yours truly, to always have a go and smile along the way.”

Janet Demel.

Production Manager. Winc Australia

“Years ago I was a naive little writer wannabe, a sponge for all things in Adland. My AWARD class had just been taught “the formula’ for writing ads by some junior team, long since forgotten. It was complete nonsense of course. When we got to The Campaign Palace a genuine star of the business named Rocky Ranallo put us all straight. He was gentle, decisive (and right)”

Rob Morrison.

Executive Creative Director. Ogilvy Advertising.

“When I started AWARD School many years ago, it seemed like creativity was a hit and miss affair. But Rocky showed me that, like many things, it’s a craft. Although he made it look easy, he also had the patience to pass on what he knew. If you get the chance to learn from him, I can’t think of a better foundation for building an advertising career.”

Hamish Stewart.

Executive Creative Director/ Strategic Leader.

“I was lucky enough to have Rocky as my creative mentor after I finished AWARD School. Rocky always gave helpful feedback and guidance across everything from ideas to art direction. I am still to this day, inspired by the simplicity of his thinking and his brilliant ideas”

Julie Matthews.

Creative Director. OMD Create Advertising at OMD Australia.

Every Tuesday evening for the last three months, I've been learning the ropes of advertising — everything from print, TV, and radio to integrated and experiential. Far from just your run-of-the-mill online course, it was a challenging and fulfilling experience that completely reshaped everything I thought I knew about being advertising (turns out it's not just about catchy slogans!?) I've walked away with a wealth of knowledge, a full portfolio, and even nabbed the Best Of The West Award amongst my cohort, which will almost definitely be displayed in the Pool Room.


Winter 2023

Just wanted to thank Rocky for helping me and my partners complete the wsas online course. For myself, it was really enjoyable. Grateful for the opportunity to collaborate and share ideas in a safe environment. Would recommend Rocky's course to anyone interested.


Sept 23

"I started the WSAS course to essentially get an understanding of the industry, and potentially get a job. In my first advertising interview after, the course credentials and professional acknowledgement of Rocky and Matt in the industry saw me land the job. It's great on your CV, and you really go get an excellent educational experience in Advertising, taught objectively with a passion that really makes you want to get involved. HIGHLY recommend."


January 2022

“I have spent 13 years and upwards of $80,000 chasing a career as a creative to little or no avail. That all changed with $1000 and 12 weeks at WSAS. Better yet I finally became visible for how I think and who I am, rather than trying to be who I thought the industry wanted. I couldn’t ask for more than that.”


January 2022

It was great learning from two legends of the advertising world - Rocky Ranallo and Matt Smith. The course involved taking a brief every week, coming up with ideas and honest reviews from these tutors, reworking, and improving those ideas. This routine immensely helped improve my creative thinking, approaching a brief/creative concept writing with a lot more confidence, and generating diverse ideas. This course has been very benefitting in upgrading my creative skills, and also helped me land a full-time job here in Australia.


Winter 2021

In the book you receive the first day of ad school it reads “ …uses the creative processes of good advertising as a metaphor for business practice.” That is what this course is all about. The creative process you learn with each brief is applicable in many areas, and being able to learn from two legends in their field just makes it that much better. Great lecturers and great content. Recommended to anyone wanting to explore their creativity


Winter 2021

You think you know what a good ad is? You don't, but you will. WSAS isn't just 'another' ad school, it's an advertising masterclass. It's 12 weeks long, but it feels like being locked away in an incubator, getting invaluable experience on how to craft ideas with two insanely helpful ad veterans. Hold onto your saddle, because you're about to be riding with the horses.


Winter 2021

I had the best learning experience at WSAS. Firstly, to be taught by two of the top creative legends who will encourage you to challenge yourself (or them) creatively and teach you to love the most uncomfortable briefs. Secondly, the invaluable advice they give and the approach that they encourage you to take, really help you evolve quickly in the whole learning process. Lastly, and but most of all, Matt and Rocky genuinely make time for all their students, something I find hard to come by these days.

Jasmine X

I was Late to the party - mid career and wanting to learn advertising, Western Sydney Ad School looked good and turned out great. Rocky and Matt cut through the crap and are the right type of teachers, articulate, honest and encouraging. Having two of the greats in this industry leave you with a portfolio and the wherewithal to have a crack yourself with confidence is not nothing. I’d recommend them in a heartbeat.

Duncan F.

Winter 2020

I honestly cannot recommend this course enough. Thanks to Matt and Rocky's amazing tutelage, and some excellent guest lecturers, I've learned more about advertising in twelve weeks than I have over several semesters of my Bachelor of Communications. Coming into each week's class with new ideas for Rocky, Matt, and your class to pull apart, critique, and reconstruct was worth it alone. It's tough, energetic, personal, and professional; you'll come out of it with not only an excellent book, but a great insight into how to do advertising differently in this day and age.

Albert S.

Winter 2020

Western Sydney Ad School gave me the hands-on learning I needed to start my career in advertising. I learnt so much more in 12 weeks than I did in my 3 years at university. Rocky and Matt went above and beyond to help us unlock our creativity and produce the best work we could. Their industry experience and connections were invaluable. Plus, they had alright banter for a couple of old boomers.

Casey C.

Rocky, Matt & other tutors at WSAS have shaped me by giving me a practical view into what creativity is. They all bring their extensive industry experience to the room, daring me to think beyond what was previously impossible. At the same time, they demonstrated to me how to simplify ideas when addressing client briefs. I would recommend this course to anyone wants to challenge their creativity. Creative or not, there is plenty of room for surprise and growth at WSAS.

Kenneth Z.

Rocky and Matt's guidance has been really valuable in developing my understanding of advertising and how to come up with good ideas. I highly recommend WSAS for anyone who is interested in advertising and is enthusiastic about growing their creative thinking.

Alice Z.

Rocky and Matt have such an impressive wealth of knowledge and experience. With lectures from industry luminaries, I feel very lucky to have been a part of the first WSAS group. Truly inspiring and motivating. If you get the opportunity I highly recommend signing up with these guys.

Miriam N.

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